Who We Are

Elite Painters & Contractors Limited (EP&C) is designed to provide top quality interior and exterior residential and commercial painting and construction services. The company business model is designed to expand in carpentry, plumbing, tiling, electrical installations, masonry and other construction needs with the aim to be able to complete an entire building. We believe this will increase customer satisfaction for our clients by preserving the time they would use to search for another contractor. We have seasoned workmen under our umbrella with experience ranging from four (4) to twenty (20) years.

The company prides itself with what the other competitors lacking; proper time management, comprehensive production quality, proper customer service and competitive prices. EP&C members see each contract as an agreement not between a business and a customer, but between partners that wish to create a close and mutual long-term relationship. We don’t do what we do because we have to do it, we do it because it’s our passions and we love to serve. We believe we are a representation of our clients, so when you chose us we ensure the job gets done.